Wednesday, August 5, 2015

World Trade Center Artifact Heading for the Kennedy Space Center Fire Fighters Memorial

Artifact G-0063 7' 16" X 16" I-Beam  1763-pounds

Quick update on this worthy project: 

On the tenth anniversary of the attacks on America, the fire fighters at Kennedy Space Center, Florida approached NASA about building a September 11th Memorial at Fire Station 1. As fire fighters we felt compelled in our hearts to build this Memorial to honor and respect those lost on that cool clear September morning. Although NASA liked the concept no budget was available, so the fire fighters along with community partners built the memorial themselves. With the assistance of KSC Center Director Robert Cabana and our Fire Chief Rick Anderson they were successful in acquiring a WTC Artifact form the Port Authority of New York. The artifact is a 7’ long 16 X 16 I-beam weighting just under 2000 pounds, and it’s resting place at KSC will serve as a constant reminder of the cost of our freedom and the sacrifices made not only by those we lost in the attacks on America, but also those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice serving America both here and abroad. 

On August 11th, a contingent of Kennedy Space Center Fire Fighters and Union Representatives will travel to New York City to take possession of this artifact and escort it back to its final resting place at the Kennedy Space Center Fire Fighter’s Memorial. We have been blessed so far by many who share the same pride and passion we feel as Americans and Fire Fighters through in-kind donations in the construction of the Memorial base and site for which we are extremely grateful. Many have reached out to us, and without their help we could not make this dream possible.

On Tuesday August 11th our journey will begin as we board our flight to NYC. Early Wednesday morning August 12th, we will receive the artifact from the Port Authority of New York and then transport it to the American Airlines Cargo Terminal where it will be crated and draped with the American Flag for its journey back to KSC. On Thursday morning August 13th, American Airlines along with our escort will transport the artifact by road to Philadelphia International Airport where it will be loaded on American Airlines for transport to Miami International Airport. On Friday morning the escort will depart MIA on the final leg of the journey back to KSC. 

The procession will take US 95 North and is scheduled reach Brevard County around 11am and exit 95 at Pineda Causeway then proceed down US 1 to NASA Causeway reaching KSC around noon. If you live in Central Florida, please show your pride for America and those who lost their lives for our freedom along the route. 

In an effort to fund this project commemorative patches and medallions will be sold and should be available soon.

Please share this page and be sure to join us in honoring those we lost in the attacks on the America on September 11th 2001.

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